Friday, October 3, 2008

Greed. Just thinking out loud

I've been involved with some business deals lately and I'm finding greed to be quite a scary thing. Normal everyday people turn into these green monsters and you don't recognize them anymore. Your best friend, or business partner will disclaim you for a half a percent. It's really ridiculous. Sure I like money as much as the next gal, could always use some more. I find it very helpful in accomplishing things, and paying your electricity bill and eating is always nice.

But, the greed, lies, and money hungry deceit are no joke. Sometimes it's the people you thought would take a bullet for you that prove to be the worst. Where does human relationships fit in with all this going after the mighty buck? Why would anyone trade in a good relationship for something as fleeting as money. So what if it's a few hundred, thousand or million; should the number matter? There are a lot of things money can't buy. It can't give you health, it can't fix a broken heart (sure you can drown emotional pain out with drugs or anything material or flesh you like for a price) but the effects wear off. Then what happens when you have everyTHING you want at the expense of everyBODY?

I seriously could go on for at least a half hour, but I'll spare you the sermon. Just thinking out loud.