Thursday, December 13, 2012

Les Femme Fatals - Training - Costumes

Here's a bit of an update on the audition and call backs I had for the "action/comedy" show Les Femme Fatals. I had no idea what I was getting in to. But it took no time at all for me to fit right in. It started out with at least 120 girls, but right now, whether they weeded them out or the girls couldn't hack it, it's now down to about 30 of us (I made the cut). Soon the 30 of us will be competing for 8 spots on the initial show.

I've seen 2 different proposed renditions of the 8 different characters costumes. Here are the latest two for "The Patriot" (the character I will be trying out for) and also for her enemy "Fatima". Whoever wins those character spots might be wearing something like this.

They have been training us in Wrestling a couple of different types of Martial Arts as well as kick boxing. I'm actually amazed at some of the things my body has been able to do...either that it hasn't done in a really long time, or that I've never dreamed of doing (hello flying moves off the third rope!)

I'm now asking myself, how did I get so brave? This timid little chickadee used to be so shy she couldn't even order pizza over the telephone, used to have panic attacks in crowds, used to run and hide in fear of confrontation, used to avoid anything physical (except dancing) but especially sports! I wouldn't even watch them...let alone participate?

Now I find myself in the running to become an Action Figure? An action Femme Fatal? Whose life is this anyway?

Stay tuned, I have a feeling the adventure has just begun!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

1st Call Back for Le Femme Fatals

Had a call back today for a tv's the vlog

There should be a few more physical sessions to get us up to speed before the challenge round auditions in front of a panel of judges as well as the rap and monologue part of the auditions.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Easter Seals Campaign - Special Needs Kids

Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company - the company I did the commercial for last year is currently raising money for families with special needs kids through Easter Seals.

How can you help? Go to this link and watch the video.

For every "like" to the video generated on the Facebook app, MassMutual will donate $5 to the Easter Seals' Make the First Five Count® program[2], which promotes awareness and facilitates early identification of disabilities and development delays.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Just Wrapped Dangerous Words From The Fearless

I recently got back from Utah where I acted in a supporting role for the film "Dangerous Words From The Fearless". Here is a shot of me in character.
I play a supporting role and have a scene with the lead character whose name is James C. Burns. The film is About "Three people travel through harsh unforgiving landscapes. As they embark on a frenzy of violence, killing and self-discovery, as shattering events make them realize they are not alone." Description: "Dangerous Words From The Fearless is a visually serene, highly metaphoric, and deeply haunting exposition on the essence of the soul. The film is a reflection of the mind's search for escape from its misery. In the end it is inconsequential to the weary, ambivalent seekers. It was all in the journey." The above "about" and "description" was found on the Dangerous Words From The Fearless facebook check out pictures of the cast and crew and behind the scenes images go to:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 1 on "LOTTOPALOOZA" shoot

I just started filming a web series called "Lottopalooza" it will be a fun little comdey with great characters and a bit of action, that will get you to laugh and leave you wanting to see the next episode. Here is just a quick little intro to some of the cast and crew of "Lottopalooza". Stay tuned for more.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stress Managment at I60 Studios

I was back at I60 Studios this week and recorded voice over once again for Valley Anger Management. I was hired to do their Anger Management course voice overs in 2011. And today, was back in doing the voice over material for their Stress Management course. Take a brief look inside at I60 Studios and meet the owner Corey Cofield.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Insurance Commercial Running Again

I just found out that they are running my commercial again for another 13 weeks for Mass Mutual. They stopped running it in January and I thought that was it, but they brought it back. If you missed it the first time, here it is.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Changing the World, One Dog at a Time

We were at the La Brea Tar Pits today filming a pick up shot for the ending of the movie "FREE to a Good Home"

Tag line for this movie is "One Girl Tries to Change the World, One Dog at a Time"

Check out

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Acheiving your goals for work, fittness and relationships, one step at a time.

If any of you have fallen behind on goals you've been wanting to achieve; whether it's in your fitness, career or relationships because you don't have enough time to get started, or to really complete what you have in mind, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't start.

Here are some ideas on getting to that next level when you are an "All or Nothing" kind of person like me, "Baby Steps" are totally do-able and will end up yielding the best results in the end.

Friday, April 20, 2012

World Water Crisis - With This Ring

Tonight I have the privileged of being the MC for the 2012 fundraising gala for With This Ring. Which is the organization that I donated my wedding ring to so that families in Africa could have clean drinking water.

This picture is my little one in the N.I.C.U. with his hand holding my ring.

With This Ring has just expanded to Central America. The world water crisis is serious. A person dies every 5 seconds in the world today from lack of clean drinking water.

This video gives  a glimpse of how you can make a difference.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The WayShower Film Premiere

I was invited to "The WayShower" film Premiere last night which starred Oscar Nominees Eric Roberts and Sally Kirkland, Peter Stormare and other talented cast from both LA and Utah where it was filmed.

Photographer Mike Cid was kind enough to send me a picture taken on the red carpet. It was a 'spiritual' film of a mans search to find his way and reconnect with "The WayShower" and figure out that he had 3 self's so to speak, a carnal side, a cerebral/emotional side/ as well as a higher side.

The filmmaker Jsu Garcia, who also starred in the film wanted us to leave with a message and a thought of how we can better live this life here on earth, seeking self acceptance and not just living for the acceptance of others. Nina Bergman played a real kick butt vixen in the film as well.

Friday, March 2, 2012

I've Got A Delivery For Ya

Last Monday I was called last minute by casting director Sheila Thompson  to play a Pizza Delivery Girl in the feature film "Shadow"

I had auditioned for a different part, which went to another gal.

I turned my face in this photo so you could see the bit of dirt and blood that was left on my face after the make up artist wiped most of it off. I won't tell you how it got there, you'll have to rent the movie.

The producer told me later she was impressed that I could hit my mark each time falling backwards off of the step, it wasn't the first time I'd done my own stunts, I think my background in dance and gymnastics still helps me, because I'm aware of where my body should land; when you're on a balance beam an inch or two can make a difference to whether you "Stick it" or not.

Evan Jacobs wrote the script and also directed it.

The lead Joseph Nassar has about a bazillion talents, he starred in this film, but also writes, produces and does tons of other industry stuff. Just take a look at his long list of credits on IMDB.

All in all I had a blast and look forward to the wrap party next week.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Selfish Jerk- LIFE IS SHORT - Joshua Jackson

I recently rented the movie "One Week" written and directed by Michael McGowan and starring Joshua Jackson. The synopsis sounded interesting and I have been a Joshua Jackson fan since the TV show "FRINGE". It was sort of the soul searching journey about how he lived his life up until the day he found out he was dying, and what he wanted to do with the rest of his life as if he had only One Week to live.

Being raised watching American movies, I am programed to want a happy ending, in other words, the couples get together, or stay together or figure out their difference and continue to love each other even if it deviates a bit from their ultimate fairy tale life.

His fiance wasn't that bad, she had a few annoying habits, but when he realizes he's got a limited amount of time left on the earth, he doesn't want that life (being married to her) as being part fate.

His parents and fiance were so worried about him, they didn't know how close to dying he was, he wouldn't call, he wouldn't tell them where he was (and I remember thinking while watching)...what a selfish jerk (well you know the writer is brilliant when I'm feeling something and talking to the tv) and then I got really mad when he cheated on her and left her.

I got upset at the movie and it's stupid ending that I thought about it the rest of the night! But, not long before bed it hit me. How many decisions we make in life based on what others want us to do, based on others happiness, based on what is the status quo, what's the accepted norm?

How many dreams and desires do we put down, shove down and think we just have to suck it up and accept it? We live a life of being comfortable and for most that means compromising what what we would really do if we only had One Week left to live.

We take life for granted and think it will always be there, like we can continue to put our dreams on the shelf indefinately, that we will trek accross the country on motorcylce one day, we will settle down and get married one day, we will write that novel we've been thinking about, we will (you fill in the blank). But we aren't promised tomorrow.

Yes, maybe there could have been a better way he went about changing his mind and letting the people who loved him know...but ultimately living a life filled with regret is no way to live at all. Each day you put down what you feel in your heart, you die a little bit more.

We've got to grab this life with gusto, throw caution to the wind and ride that lighting bolt til it electrocutes us or sends us flying to our destination.

One last question...what would you do right now, this very moment if you knew you only had "One Week" to live?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WORDLESS - the Short Film

So just as I was thinking that I need some new comedy clips for my demo reel, a young female director called me to audition for her short film...I never even submitted my picture for it. Apparently somehow I ended up in the files of her films school, she found an old Black and White picture of me from 8 or 9 years go.

It's a good thing I hadn't changed my email address since then. I read the script, it was hilarious, she was able to picture what I would look like now, and thanks to footage she found of me on the web, she knew I could do physical comedy without being stiff. I had so much fun on the set getting to let my inner dork come out and play. She did a little aging make up on me and found me some dorky pajamas, although I have to admit the leopard shirt and the hot sticks in the hair were mine. Although we just shot it less than two months ago, it has already made it into two film festivals.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prove It! Act Your Way Out of A Paper Bag

Earlier this week I had to prove myself...I think that is the perpetual struggle of the actor; I almost said artist, but I realized a lot of art, you can do on your own like paint or write a poem without much more than pen, paper, canvas and some color...but to act. You must prove yourself. After all, you've got to prove yourself to get the chance to act.

I know a lot of artists have to prove what they are worth when it comes to commanding a certain dollar amount for your work, but for an actor, unless you are acting for your friends in your living room, or willing and able to shell out several hundred to several thousand to put a film or even a play together, you need to prove yourself to get the chance to act.

So there is this director who really likes my work, he's got a feature that he wants me to star in. But when he brought it before the Powers That Be...all the questions arose...Can she really do it? Do you really think she can pull it off? What has she ever done before? How do you know she will stick it out? Can we trust her to pull it off?

God bless the director, but he did not do his homework before that meeting. Any quick search on google for the name Katherine Norland would have a least brought up half a dozen if not more clips of work I had done in the past, so show I didn't just crawl out from under a rock. But he gave into the badgering. I got called in to have an informal screening of my work. I brought about 20 clips of previous work I had done that I was proud of. And he was put at ease and assured that "I actually can act my way out of a paper bag" :)