Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thrift Store Find - held Captive

So I finally found the perfect coat! Beautiful color, perfect cut, vintage, not made anymore, however the lining was torn. My mom went to 3 different store, drove up to mpls to find lining, paid someone to reline it... then my dad shipped it back to me with lots of TJ's Christmas gifts and new clothes etc...

and it never came and it never came, and we chalked up the delay to it being busy Christmas season. When the brown truck guys finally tracked it down it had been delivered to the wrong address (more than a week prior!) But the people who got the box said nothing nor tried to return it.

What kind of people open a box that clearly has someone elses name and address on it... even especially when you see a child's new clothes and Christmas toys. When the brown truck guys went there to pick it up, they were belligerent, and wouldn't give my box of things (that my mom paid 20 bucks to ship) back to me, they in fact argued with the brown uniformed man and said "too bad it's your mistake" and slammed the door.

The hunt is on again for the perfect coat, it only took me 11 years to find this one!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Don't it turn my brown EYE blue

I just got a text today from the producer of my next film and they want both of my eyes to be blue for the film... so I need to go shopping for contacts... I have contacts to make 'em both look hazel, it's easy to cover a light eye and make it darker. It's another challenge to make a dark eye lighter.
I had 2 different colored contacts before to make both eyes look green. Gotta go shopping for lenses now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gang Reduction and Youth Development

This is Duane Shepard and me. He hired me to play a judge for the GRYD program, he was putting together to help youth. GRYD stands for Gang Reduction and Youth Development. The project name is called "Snitch". Duane himself is a fantastic actor and teacher, anyone would be lucky to get him in their film.
He had the middle school kids doing the production work, training them to use the monitors and camera, etc... a great program, shoot movies, not people.