Monday, July 27, 2009

burn me at the stake

My friend Judy sent me a picture of this horse, he has two different colored eyes. I have been compared to cats, dogs and horses and every other person they can think of who also has them.
"Oh, I met someone once who had that". I used to joke and say at a party I could always mess with the drunk people when they pointed out that I had two different colored eyes I could freak out and say "Oh my gosh, don't step anywhere! I lost my contact!" then I could have a group of drunks searching the floor for the alleged contact. tee hee :). I guess besides being compared to dogs and cats, the weirdest one is usually when they say that if I lived during the Salem witch trials, I would have been burned at the stake; and they say it in such a way as if they are trying to get me worried that it might happen to me, or with a twinkle of pleasure in their eye like they are picturing it right then?