Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 2011 Auditions

Yesterday I had two auditions, one for a skin care line (I think perhaps it may have been for an infomercial rather than commercial but I'm not sure). The second one required my little one, so I went home and picked him up before we headed to Santa Monica...they were looking for mothers of "special needs" kids and I just happen to have a precious special kid. They both went well. I felt good, really I've been in my element since I moved about two weeks ago. Really liking my new digs and neighborhood. Then I got a call back for the commercial, a day or two later I was put on Avail...then during another audition while waiting in the waiting room I got a text from my agent saying that we booked the commercial. So Saturday (on my birthday) my little one and I shot our first commercial together...they even brought me out a cake and sang happy birthday to me.