Monday, December 14, 2009

Memory Lane music video with Petree

If you go to youtube, check out the video MEMORY LANE shot by Francis De La Torre, of the great band PETREE, I had the honor of being in the video!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hello Cheekbones!

I found this pix of me from 2003, see how full my face is... the pix next to it is from a couple of years later... I've only lost maybe 15 pounds, but the difference is really noticeable, I have cheekbones now! I remember one time Joy Behar on "The Veiw" said something to the effect of when you reach a certain age you have to choose between your face and your butt... in order for one to look good, the other suffers. Sometimes when I think of losing weight I'm afraid my face will look like a skeleton?

I've been thinking of joining a gym... I tried the whole work out at home thing but there are too many distractions, and honestly my "workout" was just going for walks which was not doing much to make my tight clothes any looser. 2004 is the year I became vegetarian, and eventually vegan. I don't like to say I'm vegan because then everyone scrutinizes every bite you eat... but I'm cautious to say I'm vegetarian because then everyone wants to serve you cream and cheese laden fare... So I say I'm 95% vegan... (the other 5% is usually dessert :) )
Work outs must be fun or I won't do it, I know it determines whether I get certain parts or not... but gosh, I always feel like I have so many more important things to do... like writing poetry. Of course everything is subject to change... if I'm getting paid millions a picture, I guess I'd have a few less qualms about it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My "day job" revealed

This is totally random... I used to work at Valet Girls... (my day job if you will) we were an all female valet parking company and my supervisor got us a gig to do a little valet stunt on the TV show "Wanna Bet" so they buried this little Brit Mini in a sea of 50 black cars and we had I think 2 or 3 minutes to get the car out, meanwhile celebs were betting on whether we could do it or not, and the money they won went to their favorite charity. That's me Katherine Norland on the left and Jade on the right.
Still Photo from the show "Wanna Bet"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Slash, Tommy and RT

I was going through my pix and I ran across this... this is my hubby RT Norland, DP extraordinaire... you probably recognize Slash standing next to him from the great 80's hair band... he hasn't changed a bit hugh?

They were at an art show for the Phenomenal painter Tommy Hollenstein, whom RT was filming for a documentary. Tommy's art work is so inspiring, the things he can do without a brush and only the wheels of his wheel chair! You should really check him out.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sparks Game

Arlene and I (she in green top and me in pink) went to the Sparks game at the Staples center in September... compliments to the I Have A Dream Program. Why aren't you a mentor? It's a great thing to be! Who doesn't want to pass on their knowledge and make someone else's life a little easier... funny thing is, you usually end up learning a lot more from your mentee than you ever expected. :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Obsessed with Notetaking

I've been made fun of because I take notes on my notes. Once I fill a notebook up, I read through it all, write on the cover what's in that notebook and the dates, and then I have a new notebook that I write in all the great golden nuggets that I've learned and taken notes on so I don't forget them, it's a continual process and sometimes I don't learn right away, so I end up taking notes on my notes on my notes, etc... I learned from my high school shop teacher that "The dullest pencil is better than the sharpest mind". As much as I get harassed for this, people marvel at how I can remember certain things. But the truth is I don't initially remember at all, but the repetition of rereading my notes has made all the difference.

Monday, July 27, 2009

burn me at the stake

My friend Judy sent me a picture of this horse, he has two different colored eyes. I have been compared to cats, dogs and horses and every other person they can think of who also has them.
"Oh, I met someone once who had that". I used to joke and say at a party I could always mess with the drunk people when they pointed out that I had two different colored eyes I could freak out and say "Oh my gosh, don't step anywhere! I lost my contact!" then I could have a group of drunks searching the floor for the alleged contact. tee hee :). I guess besides being compared to dogs and cats, the weirdest one is usually when they say that if I lived during the Salem witch trials, I would have been burned at the stake; and they say it in such a way as if they are trying to get me worried that it might happen to me, or with a twinkle of pleasure in their eye like they are picturing it right then?