Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Walking By Faith - A Hit Gospel Musical

Walking By Faith is the 2nd stage-play I've had the privilege of being in. It is written and directed by Don B. Welch

Here's a behind the scenes shot in the dressing room of most of the cast.

It's always a pleasure working with so many hard working and talented actors. And Don B. Welch is very gracious in bringing in new talent and giving them a chance.

One of the cast member in the front row of this picture in the suit and pink tie (Dante) actually moved to LA just so he could be part of Don B. Welch's plays. Don has written close to 30 stage plays and has been blessed enough to have at least 4 of them turned into feature films. His latest release you can purchase is call "The Divorce"

In the play Walking By Faith, Don pulls back the curtain and shows some of the unpleasant things that are never talked about in the church. The taboo subject matters that people deal with. The hypocrisy of certain member who look like they have everything together. There's pain and hurt underneath their Sunday morning masks.

And although no one is immune from having issues, there is a healing that takes place that is available if you draw close to God and Walk By Faith. Although it deals with very serious subject matter, there are plenty of laughs to lighten up the tense moments.

This is me and Joshua. I would say he's definitely one of the comic reliefs in the play! A few people told Don that it was like going to an actual church service with the amazing singing of beloved hymns that you can't help but to sing and clap along with; but first and foremost, it is truly entertainment.

 Yes you will be touched moved and inspired, and perhaps you will take home a lesson or two. But the most important thing is, you will relate, you will be pleasantly surprised and you will laugh.

 Because of the popular demand and turning away people at the door. All three of our initial shows were sold out. Don B. Welch is bringing the play back one more time for an encore performance at a larger venue! Don't wait, get your tickets now for the May 24th performance!

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