Friday, October 16, 2015


I had an audition last year and it went really well. Have you ever felt like you 'nailed' that audition or interview only to hear...




A few months later, I get a call, not from the director or producer of that pilot TV project I auditioned for, but from the director of another film project.

She was present in the room when I did my audition and thought I'd be great for her project!

Casey Hempel, Disney princess and lover of everything Disney

Casey Hempel, soon to be graduate of the New York Film School asks me to play the mother of the lead character in her thesis film.

In Good Faith

She wrote a beautiful short film with touches of humor about misconceptions people have about other people's faith and religion.

Here is Kelly Klopocinski as well as me and Casey Hempel

 Here are a couple of shots of the actors from the film.

If you would like to keep up on the film and where it is heading and where it can be seen.  Please "like" the link on Facebook In Good Faith Facebook fan page

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